Black Stories Are Power
Black Truth Isn’t A Trend

The Black In Media newsletter rounds up the latest news about the experiences of Black people in the media industry and the empowering stories about the Black community being told by Black writers, videographers, podcasters and other Black creatives.

The newsletter was created by writer and editor Treye Green, the founder of Black In Media.

With the large amount of content to sift through each day, it can often be challenging keeping up with all the stories regarding the issues and triumphs being faced by Black media professionals. The news cycle often also makes it easy to miss the extraordinary content about the Black experience being created by Black creatives.

So Green created the Black In Media newsletter to curate this content for anyone interested in keeping up with and sharing the stories created by and covering Black people.

The newsletter includes the bi-weekly Black In Media Catalogue, which is a digest of the latest Black content you need to read, listen to, and watch. The newsletter also features original content, including interviews with Black media professionals, career development content, and digital series that provide a deeper look into the creative process and inspirations behind the work of Black creatives.

The Black In Media newsletter is a space to celebrate Blackness and the content it inspires.

Because Black stories are power.
And Black truth isn’t a trend.

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