“I decided then that my work would be to serve a community that my industry has historically erased and overlooked instead.”
A Black architect searches for the meaning of Black architectural aesthetics, a Black woman in tech speaks out, a writer honors Cicely Tyson's legacy…
These perfect gifts from Black-owned businesses are truly what everyone wants and needs.
"Operate from abundance and understand that it's okay to divert from the plan because that's often where the magic happens."
"I want to prove that we were here and share what extraordinary feats we’ve been able to accomplish."
“Don’t be afraid to try and create what you do not see until you get it right.”
"You don't have to wait for someone to hire you to start creating content."
Chloe x Halle talks sisterhood, Black-owned bookstores see a wave of support, and more Black content you need to check out.
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